Neighborhood Watch Association Program

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Neighborhood Watch Association Program                                        Public Safety Neighborhood Watch

The National Neighborhood Watch program was started in 1972 by the National Association of Sheriff’s in response to an increase in neighborhood crime, particularly burglary.  While the concept of Neighborhood Watch has roots dating further back, the general idea of an engaged community working with law enforcement is the best deterrent to criminal activity

The Neighborhood Watch Program connects community members with their local police/sheriff’s.  This connection fosters trust, understanding and mutual respect with the goal to prevent crime and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.  The program also brings neighbors together to build a stronger community.

The Department of Public Safety has offered Neighborhood Watch since its inception in 1989.  The program provides residents an opportunity to meet with and discuss neighborhood concerns with City officials, Public Safety Officers, and Sheriff’s Deputies while also learning about personal and home safety, various city services and programs, and, again, it is an opportunity for residents to get to know their neighbors.

In an effort to bring together more residents and provide more opportunity for more residents to participate in the program, the Department of Public Safety has developed Neighborhood Watch Associations.  There are twelve associations incorporating all neighborhoods.  Each association will have a meeting every six to eight months, to be held at various venues, including, schools, churches, parks and the department's Mobile Policing Center.

The meetings will have two parts.  The first part will be an open discussion on topics based on resident concerns and questions, followed by a “meet and greet” time period for one on one interaction. 

Following is a list of meeting dates and locations for each association. Use the link below to view a map of the association areas to find the area you live in. For more information, please contact Public Safety Office at (562)929-5732.

Neighborhood Watch Association Map

Association #6: Thursday, June 1st Norwalk United Methodist Church, 13000 San Antonio Dr. 6:30 PMNeighborhood Watch Association Map

Association #12: Saturday, June 17th Hermosillo Park, 11959 162nd St. 10:00 AM

Association #2: Thursday, July 6th Sara Mendez Park, 11660 Dune St. 6:30 PM

Association #7: Thursday, July 20th Village Baptist Church, 12641 E. Foster Rd. 6:30 PM

Association #9: Thursday, August 10th Gerdes Park, 14700 Gridley Rd. 6:30 PM

Association #4: Thursday, August 24 th New River Elementary School, 13432 Halcourt Ave. 6:30 PM

Association #11: Thursday, September 7th La Senda Antigua Church, 15000 Studebaker Rd. 6:30 PM

Association #1: Thursday, September 21st Lakeside Middle School, 11000 Kenney St. 6:30 PM

Association #5: Saturday, October 14th New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church, 11364 E. Imperial Hwy. 10 AM

Association #10: Thursday, October 26th Calvary Community Church, 14626 Pioneer Blvd. 6:30 PM

Association #8: Saturday, November 18th Glazier Elementary School, 10932 Excelsior Dr. 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Association #3: Thursday, November 30th Paddison Elementary School, 12100 Crewe St. 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM



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